We are very proud of our current panel of directors

Julien directed his first music videos in France, and he became immediately part of the new young generation of directors; these directors who know how to handle pictures with no limit, mainly through very graphic and visual universe, and definitively with a real talent for special effects and storytelling. 
His music videos for the very top French artists brought him numerous awards. Due to his elegant and stylized pictures, he stepped in the commercial industry through beauty and cosmetics ads.
 Then Julien decided to re-direct his work to more visually challenging films, mixing human being and sfx, in order to emphasize and develop his own potential/taste for storytelling. Julien loves particularly strong challenges that such campaigns require….it is in these situations that he expresses for the best, his extraordinary skills.

Karina Taira

We are very proud of our current panel of directors

Japanese American photographer and film director, Karina Taira was born in San Francisco. She specializes in beauty, luxury and skin with an organic touch,
 keeping a sensual feminine approach to her work.

She loves to show beautiful women with a feminine and strong mood. Her
 images have led her to having a contract with Life Magazine shooting all of the
 celebrities for their covers.

Internationally she has been busy shooting commercials from perfume to car
 commercials all over the world.
 She has directed dozens of memorable commercials, not only for beauty
 and cosmetic clients (Boucheron, Cerruti, Covergirl, L’oréal, Lux, Nivea,
 Cacharel…), but also sensuous spots for Nestlé and some car commercials (Alfa 
Romeo, Toyota).

Karina has directed commercials for India with on brands like Slice, Wildstone,
 Lakme, Dove, Sony Cyber , Choc on.


We are not confined to a single city, country or continent. We stay true to the content and without any hesitation follow the true spirit of the script wherever it leads us to. Never ready to settle down with anything but perfection, Cutting Edge Pictures has made a niche for itself, not only in the Indian Market, but also all over the world for its freshness and uniqueness.

We have a strong backing from a hardworking team who work round the clock to cater to clients around the world.

Cutting Edge Pictures has always been about perfection

Having worked with over 170 directors, 130 DOPs, 70 production designers and other technicians from all over the world in last 12 years, we have managed to add some of the most landmark ad-films to our bank.

Cutting Edge Pictures has recently line produced three Ushuaia T.V. commercials for the renowned French production house Bandits in Mauritius.